Databay is a Python interface for scheduled data transfer.

It facilitates transfer of (any) data from A to B, on a scheduled interval.

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pip install databay


Simple, decoupled interface

Easily implement data production and consumption that fits your needs.

Granular control over data transfer

Multiple ways of passing information between producers and consumers.

Asyncio supported

You can produce or consume asynchronously.

We’ll handle the rest

Scheduling, startup and shutdown, exception handling, logging.

Support for custom scheduling

Use your own scheduling logic if you like.

A simple example:

# Data producer
inlet = HttpInlet('')

# Data consumer
outlet = MongoOutlet('databay', 'test_collection')

# Data transfer between the two
link = Link(inlet, outlet, datetime.timedelta(seconds=5))

# Start scheduling
planner = ApsPlanner(link)

Every 5 seconds this snippet will pull data from a test URL, and write it to MongoDB.

Explore this documentation: